Absolutely..... From the Other Side

Self Titled Album


+ $2.50 S & H

My first release with partner Lori Doffing. Containing some of my favorite songs, including; Sprits, Cannon River, and Wild Roses.

Click on a link below to preview a 1 minute clip of each song.

  1. If Only You Could Stay
  2. She Sends Me Away
  3. Cannon River
  4. I'll Be Alright
  5. Dreams to Come True
  6. Memory Tree
  7. Nice to Meet You
  8. Wild Roses
  9. Spirits
  10. From the Other Side


“I've already worn out my CD, From The Other Side, that I got at the Memory Tree Lighting Service. I purchased 4 CDs that night, but this one speaks to my heart in a very special way. I feel closer to my dead father as I listen to it over and over. Please send me 2 more CDs and thank you for the miracles I've heard from your music”   ~ Julie L.

“Your CD is wonderful Your inspirational messages were so sincere and loving. The CD is so peaceful and loving. So glad I bought it.”   ~ Linda B.

“The words to 'I'll Be Alright' are wonderful. They talk about what I am going through and they bring a sense of peace for me. Thank you.”   ~ Mary L.

“The song 'Spirits'gives me so much hope. Thank you for making me feel better.”   ~ Sue D.

“The CD I need is 'From The Other Side'. I want my sister to hear your music. My 14 year old niece, her daughter, drowned last summer a week before her 15th birthday. I was so moved by the song ' Wild Roses ' I thought it might bring her some comfort. Thanks again.”   ~ Lorain W.

Buy Both! Cathy DeCheine & Absolutely -- Save $5.00


+ $3.00 S & H

Save $5.00 when you order both Cathy's self titled CD with bonus track tribute to the victims and heroes of the 35W bridge collapse and her first CD with Lori Doffing Absolutely..... From the Other Side.

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