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Cathy DeCheine, Cities 97 Interview

Cathy was interviewed on Cities 97 ( Friday Nov. 30th about her new single, "Ordinary Workday" about the 35W bridge collapse in Minneapolis MN.

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Both Sides of the River

Cathy DeCheine

Self Titled Album

More music inspired from the other side. My self titled CD, Cathy DeCheine, includes acoustic tracks such as; Stay With Me, Whisper in the Wind, and I've Been Talking to the Angels.

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Cathy DeCheine has always been aware of both sides of the river. From the west and east sides of the river she was raised by, to her affirmations of the present and the glimpses of that most distant shore that she's witnessed in her 7 years as a hospice nurse, to both sides of music in more than a decade of songwriting and performing. Cathy believes that music is her “soul's mission” and though she might have the makings of a rock star, the chord she's struck with her songs rings out far more profoundly than a brief blaze of fame.

“We let the winding river guide our way, I never will forget the way you made the whole world drift away.”
~ Cathy DeCheine

The Source

Cathy was born near the Mississippi River in Dakota, Minnesota. She spent her childhood there until age 13 when her family moved across the river to La Crosse, Wisconsin - where the Mississippi, the Black River, and the La Crosse River meet. Though her parents bought her a guitar for Christmas when she was 10, they, nor Cathy, didn't realize that music would become such an essential part of her future. She grew up listening to 70s and 80s radio pop and rock like the Jackson 5, Donny Osmond, Styx, Supertramp, Foreigner, and Heart, but rather than follow the hidden path in her heart to make music, Cathy stayed on the path she'd chosen when she was just 5 years old, she explains, “I always wanted to become a nurse. My entire education from Jr. high through high school was geared towards nursing. I love helping people. It's incredibly rewarding. It makes me feel good...and it makes them feel good too.” Cathy received her nursing degree and left La Crosse in the mid 80s, her journey took her to Florida and back to the Minneapolis area where she stayed.

“I was standing by the river, I was praying all my troubles would float away and then I listened to the river whisper in my ear, My dear, it'll be OK. ”
~ Cathy DeCheine


Absolutely..... From the Other Side

Self Titled Album

My first release with partner Lori Doffing. Containing some of my favorite songs, including; Sprits, Cannon River, and Wild Roses.

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It was more by chance than by choice when Cathy's musical voyage began more than ten years ago with the intuitive gift of a guitar from her partner, Lori Doffing. Cathy adds, “Lori brought the music to me. If she hadn't bought that guitar that day, I would've never bought one for myself.” It wasn't long before Cathy and Lori were both playing guitar and singing together. Cathy was so eager to learn new chords and melodies that she began to invent her own songs. She jumped right into performing them and something clicked, people responded to her heartrending stories, and her career as a caretaker and her calling as a songwriter combined to create a higher art.

“I believe the spirits call to you and me. Pay close attention to the signs then you can see.”
~ Cathy DeCheine


With her twofold perspective on the universe, Cathy brings a deeply unique stratum to her music and a reach that not many other artists have. Music is more than a calling, she is a conduit to an often untapped curative power that exists in music. She began writing songs that told the stories of the people who touched her life in her hospice work and she started to perform those songs for hospice memorial services. Sensing the therapeutic possibilities in her music, Cathy recorded her first CD From The Other Side in 2001 with Absolutely, the duo she'd formed with her partner, Lori Doffing. Absolutely's acoustic folk rock sound was influenced by artists like the Indigo Girls and Melissa Etheridge, and was instantly accepted by the hospice community. Cathy's listeners found that her music gave them understanding and hope to face the difficult transitions of life, loss, death, and healing. In fact, the CD is dedicated to Cathy's Mom who passed away while Cathy was in the midst of finishing the CD. While it's true that other songwriters have written about the processes of dying and grieving, Cathy's phenomenal experiences in her hospice career add an authentic feeling of “being there” to her songs. As the true stories behind the songs unfold they reveal not only Cathy's gift, but traces of the greatest mystery of all.

“Now you're watching over us from the other side.”
~ Cathy DeCheine


Cathy's music career is rounding yet another bend, she's currently recording her solo project equipped with five more years of life lived and a new set of songs that cover an even broader spectrum of passages from this side of life. On the threshold of pop rock and alternative folk, yet melodic and message-filled, Cathy's new collection includes the emotionally charged rockers “Strong” and “Getaway”, the spiritually inspiring “The Angel Said” and “Whisper in the Wind”, and the passionate protest against hate crimes “Why”. More of Cathy's talent and her soul's mission is rising to the surface. On the edge of a potential ocean of listeners, she hopes to share her inspirational experiences and opportunities to “pay closer attention” with as many souls as she can. Whether it's a song from her spiritual side or her Rock & Roll side, Cathy will put it across with an awareness and depth that can only come from someone who has seen both sides of the river.

“Look for the answers from above and let the universe reward you 'til you've had enough.”
~ Cathy DeCheine

“I've learned a lot about living from people who are dying. I am no longer afraid of death. The spiritual occurrences that take place when someone is dying are almost unbelievable. There is so much more beyond this life. Hospice taught me to be more open to the universe, its energy, and the direction it gives us one just has to pay attention.”
~ Cathy DeCheine

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