Ordinary Workday

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Cathy's single, "Ordinary Workday" is a song dedicated to the victims and heroes of the 35W bridge collapse in Minneapolis MN. Click here to listen in the jukebox below.

Click here to listen to the Cities 97 interview with Cathy DeCheine about this song.


“I want say I heard your song about the 35W bridge and it made me cry. I was the driver of the school bus that was on that bridge what a touching song I think I will put pictures with it and save it forever. Thanks For That.”    ~ Kim D.

“I was on the 35W bridge when it fell. Thanks for writing about that day. Thanks so much for the song. It's great!”    ~ L. P.

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+ $2.50 S & H

More music inspired from the other side. My self titled CD, Cathy DeCheine, includes acoustic tracks such as; Stay With Me, Whisper in the Wind, and I've Been Talking to the Angels.

This CD also comes with "Ordinary Workday"

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